Saturday, January 15, 2011

Up, Up & Away....

Hi There...

The above card is one that I made for our son Paul's 40th birthday.  The movie "UP" had just come I thought that the balloon theme would be kind of fun.

The balloons were each made one at at time and each one had gold thread attached to it.  It was a little bit of a challenge trying to figure out the placement so that they would balance when being tied to the numbers.  It finally came together...and our son was quite pleased with it.

I used assorted "Stampin' Up" coloured card stock.  I made a cloud template out of scrap card stock and sponged the cloud background randomly to achieve the above look.  My trusty Cricut machine was used for the numbers and balloons.  The card size is 5"x7".  It's a little larger than I usually like to make...but with.. ALL.. of those was necessary (lol)!



  1. Woo hoo welcome to the blogging world Linda. I remember you showing me this card and I was amazed at all the work you put into it. I love how you highlighted all the balloon it really makes them pop.

  2. Thanks Betty Anne. I have a soft spot for this card. I've made much fancier cards...but this one just makes me feel good to look at it.
    Hugs, Lyn

    p.s. Thought I had better start signing off with Lyn (hubby calls me this).